It is a zen-inspired style, which invites rest and relaxation, ideal for visitors looking for a relaxing suite. The proximity of the port, a hundred metres from the property, makes this type of accommodation in a perfect place for travelers passing through.

You enter a room with a double bed and a bathroom in an adjacent room. All the decoration is dominated by light colors and straight lines on furniture and fixtures, avoiding overloading space and the use of ornaments.

The room consists of a sober, white leather double bed with a slatted wooden poplar and a uncluttered headboard. Next to the bed, a small refrigerator inserted into a bedside table simulates a cocktail cabinet. The stay is completed with a large branched chaparral contributing to Zen tone decor, where the elements of nature undisturbed are prioritised.

Across the room, the little ornate decoration, the use of light colors and the use of indirect lighting helps create a pleasant and soft lighting, as well as the sense of harmony, order and relaxation throughout the space.

Next to the living room, the apartment has a bathroom, in which both the sink and the tiles are natural stone. The mirror, oriental style with carved wood, helps to create the atmosphere of nature and harmony to the entire suite.

RTA Signature: VFT/CA/00379