The exotic atmosphere in this suite, located on the third floor of the building. Upon entering, the room is dominated by a canopied double bed. Oriental style, with ivory white lace curtain and curtains, wrapped in a romantic scent,s own tales of a Thousand and One Nights and invites let your imagination wonder away to distant exquisite lands.

The paintings, candles and finishes the whole environment contribute to these oriental reminiscences, as in the case of chiseled metal lamps flanking the bed, which provide the perfect charm for warm and intimate evenings.

This is one of the rooms that has the highest ceilings, wooden beams, which contributes to the feeling of spaciousness throughout the suite. A room followed by another as a living room with a sofa bed, with a bohemian air, and where you also have a kitchen, finished in walnut. In the living room, a painted box on a dark board is also preserved. Arabic inspiration, the picture is the only one managed to be preserved in the old building, after being restored by a local painter.

Along the hall, a door of glass leads to a large terraced floor, artistic mosaic Grenadian style, and spectacular views, as it is the only place in Tarifa from where you can see the island of Las Palomas, the Port and Castle at the same time. Furthermore, both on the terrace and in some details of the room, the inscription of the wind rose, a marine symbol that evokes the location of Tarifa at the southern most tip of Europe.

Both the balcony and the kitchen also remain part of the original wall. In the lounge, the host of this exotic suite can also look onto a typical Andalucian balcony, which further enhances the charm of your stay.

The penthouse has a luxury finish in the bathroom, the only one with a bathtub, which is on a platform. Decorated with candles and a
stairs in front of the window, the bathtub is just the perfect height to watch the lighthouse and where one of the most spectacular sunsets in tarifa occur.

RTA Signature: VFT/CA/01211