Standard in force since 1 July 2011 regarding hotel cancellations (BOPA No 133 on Friday June 10, 2011, amendment to Regulation Hotel Establishments approved by Decree 78/2004, Article 13):

  • 1 any time the user may cancel the reservation, be entitled to reimbursement of the amounts they had paid.
  • 2. Not withstanding the above, when the cancellation be notified of more than seven and less than fifteen days prior to that for the occupation, the owner of the establishment may retain 50% of the deposit, or all of it if communication takes place within seven days prior to that date, unless by express and specific agreement, the proof shall rest with the employer, these thresholds are altered.
  • 3 If the customer does not reach the establishment, without notice, before the twenty hours a day appointed for the beginning of stay, means canceled the reservation.