Puerta La Mar is a new concept in accommodation, where history, comfort, good taste, the best views and tourism with experience combined, offer visitors a stay which they will never forget.

In a privileged location, opposite the Castle of Tarifa, the port, the lighthouse and the island of Las Palomas, Puerta La Mar is a set of holiday apartments built in an old Andalucian house. Within them, we have been able to construct five suites, each of which offers a different experience, with a style designed and care for every type of tourist.

The building is built in the old medieval city wall, corner at the entrance to the street Sancho IV, the popular and busy street of Tarifa. In the nineteenth century, this corner was a small step in the wall with a gate to the drain of the stream of Tarifa.

From 1864, the city of Tarifa was building homes in the wall itself, such as the building of Puerta La Mar. After its construction, the building was demolished by the bombing of a boat. Years later, a family rebuilt it, leaving throughout history the legacy of the historic building where the accomodation is located.

Puerta La Mar has a worked valorization of this architectural and historical heritage of the city as it has retained all the elements that belong to the old building, such as windows, tiled floors, doors made of chestnut, construction the internal staircase in a semicircular arch and the original floors and walls of the old town wall.

The visitor breathes in every corner of the fascinating aroma of the past, transported on a journey in time, but with all the amenities and services of a tourist accommodation of this century, the care has been taken in the finishes and investment in furniture, mattresses and high quality accessories.

Among the amenities, visitors Puerta La Mar will find, for example, that all mattresses and pillows are memory foam, all the furniture in solid mango, all bathrooms have mirrored glass (which allows you to see from the inside but not from outside), all rooms have free wifi and TV …

Guests at Puerta La Mar, on the top floor, a space for recreation, and use of the common services. At the top of the stairs is a landing where you can make use of various services such as a washer and dryer.

To this we must add that the suites have one of the best views you can get around the town of Tarifa.

A luxury within reach of any tourist. A redefinition of the concept of holiday accommodation based on the experiences and leave an indelible mark on the visitor.